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Last updated: 2024-01-13 11:19:28
Tencent Cloud BatchCompute
Self-Built Compute Cluster
Low costs
Zero upfront costs
You can call a large number of CVM resources for use by BatchCompute free of charge when needed and only pay for the CVM instances you actually use. Further, you don't have to concern over building and maintaining the infrastructure, saving costs and time.
Costly construction
A self-built infrastructure, whether purchased or leased, incurs very high costs. It takes at least millions of dollars to build a large-scale compute cluster.
Building a compute cluster can also be very time-consuming with unknown costs and risks, making it difficult for you to focus on the businesses.
Elastic resources
On-demand resource scaling
BatchCompute can be used fully on demand, so you can use it to get the necessary resources only when you have a computation job.
Wasted or insufficient computing power
No matter how you carefully plan the size of a self-built resource cluster, waste or insufficiency are inevitable in the face of unpredictable business needs. The risk of cost audits caused by idle resources and negative impact on business development caused by lack of resources are common problems related to self-built clusters.
Intelligent scheduling
Fully managed solution
BatchCompute can fully manage and schedule resources, which is the most challenging part of batch computing, so you only need to define and submit computing jobs and then focus on result analysis and issue solving.
Manual support
Assigning resources and scheduling processes manually or with self-developed scheduling software is very cumbersome and error-prone, especially when in the face of massive amounts of resources and computing operations. Plus, it is difficult to estimate how many manpower and resources will be wasted.
Functionality and ease of use
Rich and convenient features
In addition to all the common features for batch processing, BatchCompute also comes with a suite of complementary features that help you define and submit computing jobs, such as defining a variety of implementation methods, orchestrating the computing process, and monitoring running state.
In addition, it can work in tandem with other relevant Tencent Cloud services such as COS. It provides one-stop closed-loop services for computing material acquisition, computing job submission and execution, and computing result upload.
Self-developed or third-party tools
Developing a massive batch processing system in house leads to a large amount of work which is not related to your main business, while most of third-party tools lack timely technical support, requiring you to explore how to use them on your own. In both cases, it is impossible for you to focus on business development.

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