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Last updated: 2022-03-13 17:46:41

    Reduced Costs

    Bandwidth packages can help you shift Internet bandwidth. When the traffic peaks of different businesses accessing the Internet occur at different time segments, the bandwidth of multiple IPs can be billed in an aggregated manner. All device bandwidth of a user in the entire region can be aggregated for billing, which can dramatically reduce the costs of Internet access.

    Flexible Billing

    Bandwidth packages support two billing modes, namely billing based on top 5 monthly peaks and 95th percentile billing. You can choose the optimal billing mode for Internet access based on your business scenario needs.

    Ease of Management

    If you have a large number of applications that require Internet access, the application devices can be added to a bandwidth package in batches for centralized management. In addition, multiple bandwidth packages can be activated for one account with each BWP independently charged and flexibly managed.

    Transparent Usage

    The data usage of a bandwidth package and all devices in it can be displayed in real time at all granularities, enabling you to access accurate bandwidth usage readings at any time, quickly identify the network devices with abnormal bandwidth usage, and reduce the risk of exceeding your budget.

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