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Customer Overview

Shenzhen Xiaoe Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading technology service provider with knowledge products and user services as its core. It has been serving over a million customers in various industries.

Xiaoe Tech is a digital tool matrix dedicated to knowledge products and user services. Its products include knowledge store, corporate live streaming, corporate training, and WeCom assistant, which provide one-stop technical services to help enterprises requiring online operations, commercialization, private domain operations, and user services to easily complete digital transformation.

Business Challenges

  • Meeting the needs of complex business scenarios requires a combination of multiple solutions.

One-way live streaming: This mainly includes CDN live streaming, CSS recording, and video splicing after recording, and the VOD service is needed in later phases.

VOD: This mainly includes saving common educational videos and VOD video segment files. Xiaoe Tech is connected with tens of thousands of merchants and demands a high efficiency in video splicing and transcoding.

Two-way co-anchoring: This is mainly used for Xiaoe Tech's small classes (4 to 16 students) or large classes. The customer demands high quality for audio/video interactions in addition to cost effectiveness.

  • Advanced beauty filter features, virtual background, and portrait keying are desired for the teachers.


Tencent Cloud Media Services provide a full set of solutions to address Xiaoe Tech's business challenges.

  • CSS provides high-quality live streaming services. It provides the push SDK for multiple platforms and supports playing back audio/video streams in three standard streaming media protocols. Tencent Cloud Player can be used to reduce the delay in video playback.
  • TRTC's cloud recording and VOD features provide efficient video playback, editing, and storage services, helping the customer easily respond to high-concurrency scenarios.
  • TRTC is used to provide online education solutions for diverse scenarios across multiple platforms and devices. The TRTC Electron SDK is recommended to implement authentic cross-platform compatibility. TRTC is compatible with over 5,000 device models. It provides client SDKs and Cloud APIs for iOS and Android mobile devices, Windows/macOS desktops, Electron, and desktop browsers.
  • Tencent Cloud PaaS services such as audio/video live streaming, VOD, whiteboard, and IM are provided to facilitate interactions in live stream teaching. After the on-cloud stream mix of the teacher's video images and the screen sharing courseware, students in different regions can watch live streams through CDN relayed live streaming and interact through text with the help of IM. Students can also request to speak during class to ask questions through TRTC. The entire class is recorded on VOD, so that students can watch the content later.
  • Tencent Media Lab's underlying audio/video engine based on 3A processing technologies helps enable high-quality and stable audio interactions.
  • Advanced beauty filter features are provided in cooperation with Tencent YouTu.

Customer Benefits

Xiaoe Tech has built its basic services and audio/video services based on Tencent Cloud. With the help of TRTC, Xiaoe Tech implements various business scenarios such as large classes, small classes, roundtable meetings, and interactive live streaming with an ultra-low latency down to milliseconds, greatly improving the user experience. Based on TRTC's beauty filter and portrait keying solutions, Xiaoe Tech implements personalized features such as advanced beauty filters and virtual background in its audio/video services, which helps double the amount of time users spend on its platform. Tencent Cloud's Media Services matrix enables Xiaoe Tech to form a closed business loop throughout the linkage from video co-anchoring to relayed live streaming and recording playback, greatly reducing its R&D costs.

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