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Customer Overview

DouYu is the largest live streaming and sharing platform in China. With a focus on game live streaming, it covers a wide variety of live content, such as sports, variety shows, and entertainment.

Business Challenges

  • DouYu has a large base of users from across China and supports tens of millions of live streaming playbacks and views each day. Therefore, it requires a stable, smooth, and fast HD viewing experience as a prerequisite for game live streaming to attract and retain users.
  • In the face of emerging competitors in the game live streaming field, DouYu urgently needs to improve the overall quality of its live streaming and provide better services to game lovers through the core capabilities of live streaming with higher definition and no lagging issue.


Tencent Cloud analyzed the technical architecture of DouYu's core live streaming business and launched a solution integrating CSS, MLVB, and Live Director to help DouYu deliver high-quality game live streaming services with ultra-low latency and lag.

Core Capabilities

  • Supports mutual backup of dual-channel stream push on the host side and offers a highly reliable live push solution.
  • Provides multi-bitrate transcoding capabilities to meet delivery needs in various playback scenarios, which significantly saves bandwidth costs.
  • Enables flexible scheduling with support for origin-pull from third-party live streaming platforms over RTMP and FLV protocols.
  • Supports highly available live streaming with CDN acceleration support for FLV (one primary channel) and RTMP (three standby channels).
  • Provides a module for real-time statistics collection of online user information, and offers a log module that can be connected to the management platform of DouYu to implement log push and gain insights into business details based on logs in flexible formats.

Value-Added Services

  • Provides recording and live stream replay features to add more value to live content.
  • Supports screen capturing in the live streaming process to reduce the workload of manual moderation based on the industry-leading image analysis technology of Tencent YouTu.

Customer Benefits

Thanks to the live streaming architecture provided by Tencent Cloud, DouYu can fully satisfy the requirements of its global users for live stream quality, definition, smoothness, statistics collection, etc.

It has been able to easily cope with large-scale online live streaming events with hundreds of thousands of users, including LOL and Dota 2 live streaming events. Through powerful image processing and resource scheduling capabilities, it can deliver a smooth, superior experience for viewers.

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