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Customer Overview

Founded in 2006, Shanghai Golden Education Technology Co., Ltd. (Golden Education) is a technology-driven international vocational education group that engages in training, education services, and educational technology and product development. It focuses on financial education and also provides diploma courses and higher education and vocational programs. Golden Education is committed to building a diversified education ecosystem encompassing various categories and fields, facilitating career planning and lifelong education for individuals, and helping organizations improve their financial operations.

Golden Education operates over 60 campuses and five learning centers in nearly 50 cities around the world, with more than 6,000 full-time employees. It has established partnership with close to 300 universities at home and abroad and served approximately 180,000 well-known Chinese and overseas companies, including GE, Huawei, JD.com, and Coca-Cola. Its business covers a wide range of sectors such as manufacturing, real estate, medicine, and communications. So far, it has recorded a total of 6 million online users and helped 1 million students fulfill their career aspirations.

Business Challenges

  • The SaaS solution Golden Education previously used for online teaching had various drawbacks, including poor flexibility, unsatisfactory service quality, and inability to connect business data.
  • The solution was insufficient to meet certain business needs and did not support custom scenarios.
  • Golden Education hopes to further optimize the teaching scenarios and implement advanced features such as virtual background and portrait keying.


Tencent Cloud Media Service provide a full set of solutions to address the business challenges.

  • TRTC SDKs are used for push, mixtranscoding, transcoding, and recording in the cloud. For students, LEB pull boasts a delay of less than one second, guaranteeing sync between the whiteboard and live streaming in online teaching.
  • Serverless Cloud Function (SCF) is used for panoramic recording of all the operations in the room, eliminating the need for further processing of the recording files and improving the efficiency.
  • The video editing feature of VOD is provided to perform encryption and transcoding operations, which meets the needs of various business scenarios.
  • Tencent Interactive Whiteboard (TIW), IM, and other PaaS services make it easy to interact in live stream teaching. IM supports sending and receiving high numbers of concurrent messages in the room, and TIW allows the teacher to share their courseware and any content on the whiteboard.
  • Top Speed Codec (TSC) supports transcoding VOD files, which greatly reduces the downstream bandwidth for playback while improving the viewing experience.

Customer Benefits

Golden Education has built its basic services and audio/video services based on Tencent Cloud. With the help of TRTC, LEB, VOD, SCF, and other Tencent Cloud offerings, it successfully implements various business scenarios such as big class, small class, and one-to-one teaching and achieves interactive live streaming with an ultra low delay down to milliseconds, significantly improving the user experience. Based on Tencent Cloud's audio/video service matrix, Golden Education has formed a closed business loop throughout the linkage from video co-anchoring to relayed live streaming and recording playback, greatly reducing its R&D costs.

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