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Customer Introduction

As the top OTT entertainment platform in Pakistan, ARY DIGITAL Network offers a wide range of audio and video resources, such as popular shows and live streams of entertainment and sporting events.

ARY DIGITAL Network will soon introduce a popular series to boost its ratings. In addition, the platform won the rights to broadcast the ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2022, the most popular and engaging event in South Asia, and the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which boasts the largest audience worldwide.

Challenges & Goals

On the one hand, ARY DIGITAL Network needs a solution to provide some series only for users in Pakistan due to copyright requirements.

On the other hand, in the face of upcoming major tournaments, ARY DIGITAL Network expects that its live streaming platform will have to handle not only concurrent access requests from massive users, but also huge pressure on content delivery bandwidth and traffic holding due to the broadcast of high bitrate HD content. This has brought great challenges to ARY DIGITAL Network in ensuring service quality and controlling operating costs, and led to an opportunity for Tencent Cloud to support the platform with its excellent products and technical service as the core technology provider.

Why Tencent Cloud

First, VOD supports access control for copyright protection. This helps ARY DIGITAL Network allow only users in a specific region to access certain video content, ensuring compliance with copyright protection.

Second, many resources offered by ARY DIGITAL Network are long-running shows, which involves larger video files and higher requirements for network stability. With the help of Tencent Cloud CDN, VOD ensures stable and smooth playback even when the internet is slow. This way, ARY DIGITAL Network can ensure high-quality access to media content in a complex network environment.

Thanks to the audio and video technologies developed in house over the past 20 years, Tencent Cloud provides an all-in-one solution for the live streaming of big events in various sectors, such as media, entertainment, culture, tourism, government and enterprise, sports, and business. With the help of Tencent Cloud, ARY DIGITAL Network deployed its cloud-based live streaming service and migrated its legacy business modules to the cloud in 20 days. Based on Tencent Cloud stream services, the solution ticks all the boxes in providing the cloud-based live streaming service from multi-source access to channel management, intelligent processing, media content packaging, and content delivery.

StreamLink supports automatic multi-source failover. This feature ensures a stable source for live streaming on the cloud. The multi-region multi-zone architecture of StreamLink further ensures the high availability of the cloud-based media service center. StreamLive supports multiple DRM standards and provides industry-leading digital watermark traceability, which not only protects the copyrighted content, but also makes it possible to trace the source of leakage. Core technologies, such as Top Speed Codec (TSC) and Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR), help ARY DIGITAL Network further reduce bandwidth and storage costs while providing premium user experience. StreamPackage supports origin servers with stable and reliable service, and supports the HLS, DASH, and CMAF formats during media content packaging. As for content delivery, the last mile of the live streaming service, Tencent Cloud is capable of smoothly delivering highly concurrent and clear live streaming content to users across the world over WebRTC, RTMP, FLV, HLS, DASH and other protocols. This is made possible by more than 2,800 acceleration nodes deployed by Tencent Cloud in more than 70 regions worldwide.

Highlighted Benefits

Thanks to the all-in-one VOD solution, ARY DIGITAL Network has provided Pakistani users with stable, high-definition, and smooth OTT service.

With the sports streaming solution of Tencent Cloud, ARY DIGITAL Network successfully live-streamed 116 matches from September 21 to December 18, 2022. The company will also use Tencent Cloud’s cloud-based live streaming service to support all TV channels on its website and app clients. So far, the company’s OTT platform has handled streaming traffic that peaked at terabits per second with millions of concurrent viewers during peak hours.

As sports fans anticipate the upcoming matches, ARY DIGITAL Network is certain that its live streaming platform will experience a drastic increase of visits. Tencent Cloud will continue to provide stable and reliable cloud-based live streaming service, to help ARY DIGITAL Network improve its operation efficiency and market competitiveness.

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