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Customer Introduction

BeLive Technology is a video software SaaS company, which is the leading provider of live streaming solutions in Southeast Asia. Its platform helps companies install short video and live video solutions on their websites or apps, employing advanced AI and machine learning developed specifically for video analysis and interactive video content. With offices in Singapore ad Vietnam as well as a growing global partner network, BeLive Technology have reached more than 100 million viewers worldwide, amounting to more than 50 million hours of content.

After its foundation in 2016, BeLive was initially a social media platform that allowed live streamers from all over Southeast Asia to connect with their fans. In 2020, the company decided to offer our unique live streaming and short video features to businesses. Since then, it has focused on providing B-to-B video solutions. Its current clients include some of the world's largest e-commerce and social media platforms, such as Rakuten in Japan, Grab and Shopback in Southeast Asia, Trendyol in Turkey, and Jumia in Africa

Challenges & Goals

BeLive’s transition to a B-to-B model came as it realized that its live streaming technology was highly valued among businesses. BeLive's revenue comes mostly from software (70%-80%) and services (30%), where services include finding suitable influencers, planning live-streaming content, and scriptwriting. Today, BeLive aims to become a leading SaaS enterprise that provides one-stop solutions to customers.

In addition to the SaaS model, BeLive plans to establish a worldwide distribution network to provide its solutions globally and build the world's largest live-streaming and short-video media network. The aim is to sell this network to media agencies and enable them to play short videos directly on platforms like Grab, which no other company is doing globally. To achieve this, the company needs low latency video delivery, the ability to simulcasting to social platforms as well as multi-way video call.

Why Tencent Cloud

The new partnership opens up opportunities for BeLive to tap into Tencent Cloud’s wide range of media solution offerings, including Stream Services, featuring professional live streaming, real-time media processing, on-cloud recording and simulcasting to other social media platforms; Video on Demand (VOD), which includes video storage, media asset management, statistics analysis; and Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC), which highlights its real-time audio/video call capabilities, with multi-host and multi-guest to support interactive audio/video streaming and real-time microphone connection.

BeLive cites Tencent’s rich experience in serving gaming companies and some broadcasting resources as an advantage. It also finds Tencent’s business coverage in various regions more extensive. Furthermore, BeLive also benefits from Tencent Cloud’s cost-effectiveness compared to other providers, as well as its personalized service, and more approachable and responsive support team.

In addition, Tencent Cloud provides BeLive with customer opportunities, including four customers from Southeast Asia and Japan – emphasizing its scalability. Tencent Cloud is also being lauded for having a better price-performance ratio. For PaaS, BeLive also believes that Tencent is the best when it comes to technology such as audio and video.

Highlighted Benefits

By partnering with Tencent Cloud, thanks to its 20+ years of experience in the audio & video field, BeLive successfully brings industry-leading live video solutions to the largest e-commerce platforms in Africa, Japan and Turkey. BeLive's business personnel have also been reduced as the company found that in B-end business, customers introduced by partners are bigger, more important, and more efficient.

BeLive also has access to Tencent Cloud’s high-quality, low-latency services when working with large social platforms in Indonesia, especially in areas with poor network signals. The company has also been communicating with Tencent recently for Tencent Cloud to enter some of BeLive’s general IT structures such as virtual or digital humans, helping introduce cooperation opportunities in areas such as the metaverse and blockchain.

Customer Quote

Kenneth Tan, CEO, and Co-founder of BeLive Technology, said, "Choosing Tencent Cloud was a strategic decision for us at BeLive due to their superior technology and their ability to bring in new customers. A year after we started our collaboration, Tencent Cloud has introduced four customers from Southeast Asia and Japan, and we have found that customers introduced by partners are bigger, more important, and more efficient. Furthermore, Tencent is very advanced in the video aspect of cloud, and its business coverage in various regions is more extensive, helping us achieve live broadcast simultaneously on eight social and e-commerce platforms. All these features and capabilities, boosted by the attentiveness of their services and competitive prices, are proof that Tencent Cloud is the ideal choice.”

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