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Product Strengths

Last updated: 2024-01-11 16:28:53

    Security and Compliance

    KMS leverages the third-party certified hardware security module (HSM) to generate and protect keys. The security and quality control practices adopted by KMS are accredited by multiple compliance schemes. The creation, management, and other operations of your master keys are performed in the compliant HSM, and no one (including Tencent Cloud) will be able to obtain your plaintext master keys.

    High availability

    At the service architecture level, the reliability of KMS is guaranteed through a single-region multi-data center deployment. The HSM used in the underlying system is also deployed in a clustered manner across data centers with cold backup enabled to ensure high availability of the service. At the access level, KMS can be accessed through TencentCloud API 3.0 deployed in different regions with both unified and region-specific access domain names provided to ensure high accessibility.

    Centralized key management

    KMS can be called and integrated through APIs, SDKs, and connected Tencent Cloud products to centrally manage the key policies of your business applications in and outside Tencent Cloud.

    Low costs

    Pay-as-you-go KMS can be deployed quickly at the click of a button. Tencent Cloud covers all backend maintenance, eliminating your need to purchase any dedicated hardware encryption devices.

    Encryption SDK

    The KMS Ultimate Edition supports different encryption requirements with its Encryption SDK, a certified commercial encryption product conforming to Chinese encryption standards.

    Simplified encryption service

    The KMS Ultimate Edition protect keys by envelope encryption and encapsulates them using the Encryption SDK for complex management. To encrypt/decrypt massive data, you only need to call encryption/decryption APIs and ensure your permission control of the CMK.
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