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Encryption and Decryption

Last updated: 2024-01-11 16:28:54


    Tencent Cloud KMS provides APIs, SDKs, and online tools for you to encrypt and decrypt small pieces of data. You can choose any of them based on your needs for different scenarios.

    Online tools

    The online tools are suitable for one-time or non-batch encryption and decryption operations, such as the initial generation of key ciphertext. With the online tools, you can focus on your core business without developing tools for non-batch encryption and decryption. They can be used in the following steps:


    You have created a key and enabled it.


    1. Log in to the KMS Console.
    2. Find the target key. In the "Key ID/Name" section, click the key name to enter the key details page.
    3. In the "Online Tools" module, click Encryption.
    4. Enter the data to be processed in the input box below.
    5. Click Convert, and the resulting data processed by the system will be displayed in the gray box on the right.
    6. After encryption is completed, you can click Download to download the encrypted data to your local file system.
    7. If you need to decrypt the data, click Decryption in the "Online Tools" module.
    8. Paste the encrypted data into the input box below, click Convert, and the decrypted data will be displayed in the gray box on the right.
    The decryption operation automatically calls the CMK used in the encryption. After decryption, the plaintext will be Base64-encoded for display.
    9. You can click Download to download the decrypted data to your local file system.
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