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Last updated: 2024-01-11 16:28:53
    This guide describes basic concepts in Key Management Service (KMS).

    Key lifecycle

    Key lifecycle refers to a set of operations including generating, saving, distributing, importing, exporting, applying, restoring, archiving and terminating keys. KMS provides a full lifecycle management to manage keys in a safe manner and prevent key leaks.

    Symmetric encryption and decryption

    Symmetric encryption and decryption is a data encryption technique where the same key is used to both encrypt and decrypt the data.
    KMS supports symmetric encryption and decryption. For more details, see Symmetrical Encryption and Decryption.

    Asymmetric encryption and decryption

    Asymmetric encryption and decryption is a type of encryption that uses a pair of keys (public key and private key) to encrypt and decrypt data. The public key is used by a sender to encrypt data and only the receiver can decrypt the data with the matched private key. On the other hand, the sender can use the private key to sign a confidential message, while the receiver can verify the message using the matched public key.
    KMS also supports asymmetric encryption and decryption. For more details, see Asymmetric Encryption and Decryption.

    Sensitive data

    Sensitive data refers to sensitive and private user information such as keys, certificates, bank accounts and ID numbers.


    Hardware Security Module (HSM) is a computer hardware device that protects and manages keys in the strong authentication system as well as supports cryptographic operations. With the State Cryptography Administration or FIPS-140-2 approved HSM, Tencent Cloud KMS secures keys in terms of confidentiality, integrity and availability.


    Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) refers to the ability of a user to import key material to a Customer Master Key (CMK). For details, see Importing External Key.
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