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Last updated: 2024-01-09 14:20:07

    Customer Gateway

    A customer gateway is a VPC gateway that is mapped to the IPsec VPN gateway in your IDC. It must be used with a VPN gateway. Encrypted VPN tunnels can be established between a VPN gateway and multiple customer gateways.

    IPsec VPN

    An IPsec VPN is an encrypted tunnel over a public network that is used to connect your IDC and a VPC.

    Route Table

    A route table consists of a series of routing policies that are used to define the traffic direction of each subnet within the VPC. A subnet can be associated with only one route table, but a route table can be associated with multiple subnets in the same VPC.

    Routing Policy

    A routing policy defines a path that network traffic goes through. Each routing policy comprises three parameters:
    1. Destination: Describes the destination IP range. The destination cannot be an IP range in the VPC where the route table resides.
    2. Next hop type: Specifies the next hop type for a VPC, for example, Public Gateway, VPN Gateway, or Direct Connect Gateway. You must create such a gateway before you select the next hop type.
    3. Next hop: Specifies the next hop gateway to which the traffic of a subnet associated with the route table will be directed.


    A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a separate network space in Tencent Cloud, which is similar to a traditional network running in your IDC. However, the services hosted in a VPC are your Tencent Cloud services, including: Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM), Cloud Load Balancer, and TencentDB. You do not need to worry about the procurement and OPS of network devices, but can customize IP ranges, IP addresses, and routing policies by using software. You can use EIPs, NAT gateways, and public gateways to flexibly access the Internet or connect a VPC to your IDC through VPN or Direct Connect. In addition, by using the peering connections of a Tencent Cloud VPC, you can easily provide a unified server for global access and three IDCs in two regionsn for disaster recovery. You can also use the security groups and network ACLs of the VPC to ensure comprehensive network security.

    VPN Gateway

    A VPN gateway is an IPsec VPN gateway in a VPC. It is used with a customer gateway (the IPsec VPN gateway in your IDC) to enable secure and reliable encrypted network communication between the VPC and your IDC.

    VPN Tunnel

    A VPN tunnel is an encrypted IPsec VPN tunnel over a public network. After the VPN gateway and customer gateway are created, a VPN tunnel can be established for encrypted communication between the VPC and your IDC.


    A subnet is an IP range that is flexibly planned in a VPC. Applications and services can be deployed in different subnets to securely and flexibly host multi-layer web applications in the VPC.
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