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Publishing IDC IP Ranges to CCN

Last updated: 2024-01-09 14:29:29
    This document describes how to publish the IP range to CCN for connecting the VPN to the CCN.
    If the communication mode of the VPN tunnel is "destination route", then you don't need to publish the IDC IP range to the CCN.


    You have created a CCN-based IPsec VPN gateway as instructed in Creating VPN Gateways and bound it to a CCN instance as instructed in Associating a CCN Instance.
    You've configured a SPD policy for the VPN tunnel. For more information, see Creating VPN Tunnel


    1. Log in to the VPC console.
    2. Click VPN Connections > VPN Gateway in the left directory to enter the admin page.
    3. Click the ID of the target VPN gateway to go to the details page.
    4. Public the IP range to the CCN in the Publish IP Range tab. The IP range here is the IP range of the customer gateway in configuring the SPD policy for the VPN tunnel.
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