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Billing Overview

Last updated: 2024-01-02 15:07:13
    Secrets Manager (SSM) charges credential storage fees and API call fees.
    SSM is a pay-as-you-go service that billed on a monthly basis. Fees of a month are calculated, billed, and charged on the 3rd to 5th days of the following month.
    SSM uses the keys hosted in KMS for encryption, which may incur additional fees:
    The default Tencent Cloud managed CMKs that SSM created in KMS are free of charge, and KMS allows you to call APIs for 20,000 times for free. Therefore, if you use the default Tencent Cloud managed CMKs and the number of API calls is within 20,000, no additional fees will be incurred.
    If you have created a custom encryption key, or the number of KMS API calls has exceeded 20,000, you will be charged for the KMS service. For more information, please see Billing Overview.
    SSM hosted SSH keys do not incur any charges.

    Credential Storage Fees

    Storing credentials created in SSM generates credential storage fees.
    Credential storage fees are calculated by day and billed by month. The number of credentials under an account is used to calculate the daily fees, and the bill is generated by month.
    Pricing details:
    Item: Credential storage
    Price: 0.4 USD/credential/month
    Quota: Each account can have up to 1000 credentials. If you need to create more credentials, please submit a ticket or contact the sales rep.
    Credential status: Only enabled and disabled credentials are charged.

    API Call Fees

    SSM API call fees are calculated and billed by month. The accumulated number of API calls is calculated and billed monthly.
    Pricing details:
    Item: Number of API calls
    Price: 0.05 USD/10,000 calls
    If the accumulated number of API calls is below 10,000, it will be rounded up to 10,000 calls.
    API calls of each region are calculated separately.

    Billing Examples

    The example below shows you how the SSM fee is calculated: A user has created 100 credentials (e.g., database credentials, SSH keys, third-party API keys, and OAuth tokens) in SSM and called each one for 20 times averagely each day, then the SSM fees generated this month are calculated as:
    Credential storage fee: 0.4 (USD/credential/month) * 100 = 40 USD
    API call fee: 20 (calls) * 100 (credentials) * 30 (days) * 0.05 (USD/10,000 calls) = 0.3 USD
    Total: 40 USD + 0.3 USD = 40.3 USD
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