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Last updated: 2023-12-27 17:08:48

    Comprehensive Asset Management

    BH supports the unified management of both offline and cross-cloud assets on mainstream Linux, Windows, and MySQL versions to effectively assist admins with security Ops.

    Fine-Grained Permission Control

    BH supports authorization at fine granularities such as user, asset, account, and operation to ensure that users have only the least privileges to access assets and complete tasks on an as-needed basis.

    Excellent Ops Experience

    BH supports various mainstream Ops client tools and is perfectly compatible with Windows and macOS terminals. This means Ops engineers don't need to change their operating habits during work.

    Ops Operation Audit

    BH audits server access operation commands, transferred files, and Ops processes of engineers to implement effective traceability of security incidents.

    Unified Ops Entry

    BH acts as a unified entry for internal asset management and maintenance, eliminating the need to remember multiple addresses, accounts, and passwords.

    Exception and Risk Alarming

    BH analyzes events by time, command statement, upload/download operation, access IP, server, and username to filter abnormal behaviors and trigger alarms accordingly. This effectively prevents internal malicious events.
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