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Last updated: 2023-12-27 17:08:56

    Internet+ Business

    As there are many internet+ business resources in the cloud, and a large number of Ops services are exposed to the public network, these services are highly public and prone to external attacks. To secure the remote Ops of business resources, BH hides the real Ops port and management account. It also provides the routine audit of cloud server Ops and sorts out bad Ops habits through the Ops rule library to reduce Ops incidents, allowing business systems to run stably in the long term.


    Enterprises usually have a large amount of sensitive information such as business data. This information has industry value and is prone to leakage. BH implements fine-grained permission assignment by account and position to ensure that Ops engineers cannot perform unauthorized operations.


    The financial industry has a large amount of financial and personal data and a large number of third-party Ops partners. One of the problems that financial enterprises need to focus on is whether their Ops partners are being compliant. BH implements fine-grained authorization control by account and position and strictly complies with position specifications to prevent unauthorized operations by Ops engineers. It uses the AI engine for in-depth analysis of Ops behaviors to dig out internal abnormal operations and prevent the illegal use of financial data.

    Government Affairs and Public Services

    Internet-based government affairs and public services require a large number of third-party organizations to support their construction and Ops. BH divides the rights and responsibilities between Ops and management and traces Ops problems through operation audit to ensure accountability for security incidents. It can thoroughly analyze Ops behaviors through the AI engine to dig out internal abnormal operations and issue alerts for the leakage of public services and government affairs data (such as healthcare, education, social security, and tax).
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