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Differences between SaaS BH Standard Edition and Pro Edition

Last updated: 2023-06-05 15:44:58

    This document describes the differences between the Standard and Pro Editions of SaaS BH.

    • Pro Edition: Suitable for enterprises with database asset management or Ops efficiency improvement needs.
    • Standard Edition: Suitable for SMEs with basic CVM Ops and audit needs.


    Feature Description Standard Edition Pro Edition
    Asset management Supports database asset management. ×
    Supports server asset management.
    Automatic Ops Supports batch operations on multiple servers to improve the Ops efficiency. ×
    Operation audit Supports database operation logging. ×
    Supports server Ops operation logging.
    Supports file transfer operation logging.

    Standard Bandwidth Configuration

    Specifications Standard Edition Pro Edition
    50 assets, 100 assets, and 200 assets 8 Mbps 16 Mbps
    500 assets, 1,000 assets, and 2,000 assets 16 Mbps 32 Mbps
    5,000 assets and 10,000 assets 32 Mbps 64 Mbps
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