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Last updated: 2023-12-27 17:12:00

    How do I choose between BH Standard and Pro Editions?

    Pro Edition: Suitable for enterprises with database asset management or Ops efficiency improvement needs.
    Standard Edition: Suitable for SMEs with basic CVM Ops and audit needs.
    For more information on their differences, see Differences Between BH Standard and Pro Editions.

    Can I still connect to the IP of a CVM instance after purchasing the BH service?

    The BH service itself does not modify your CVM security group. If you have not configured another security group, you can still make the connection through the IP of your CVM instance. For Ops compliance and audit integrity, we recommend you configure a security group policy to allow CVM login and Ops operations only through BH.

    Does BH support the management of non-Tencent Cloud and off-cloud servers?

    Yes, as long as the network is connected.

    What remote tools can work with BH?

    Windows clients: MSTSC, SecureCRT, Xshell, Xftp, WinSCP, FileZilla, and weterm.
    macOS clients: MRD, iTerm, Mac Terminal, SecureCRT, FileZilla, Transmit, and weterm.

    What file transfers does BH support?

    Files can be transferred via SFTP, rz/sz, disk mapping, and clipboard within the permission scope.

    Can I modify the VPC and subnet after activating the BH service?


    Does BH support the management of assets in multiple subnets?

    Yes, as long as the network is connected.
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