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CMQ Service Level Agreement

Last updated: 2019-07-12 11:34:10

1. Tencent Cloud Service

Tencent Cloud: means cloud system services consisting of cloud virtual machine, cloud bandwidth, cloud storage space, cloud database, cloud security, cloud monitoring, cloud automated testing, and other different elements to meet different needs of various products including websites and applications. Please refer to the relevant information published by Tencent Cloud for detailed categories of services.

2. Service Guarantee Metrics

Tencent Cloud sets service level metrics for cloud service purchased by you and guarantees data management and business quality to the extent possible. However, Tencent Cloud has the right to adjust certain metrics in due course. Unless otherwise specifically stipulated herein, for the purpose of this agreement, a "month" equals to thirty (30) calendar days, coinciding with a calendar month.

2.1 Cloud Message Queue ("CMQ") Service (the "Service")

2.1.1. Durability of Stored Data

The durability of CMQ you request for each month is 99.999999%.

2.1.2. Data Deletion

Upon your request or prior to disposal or resale of a device, Tencent Cloud will perform low level formatting of disks to completely and irrecoverably delete all your data which cannot be recovered, and the disks will be demagnetized when they are discarded.

2.1.3. Data Confidentiality

CMQ will leverage on the Key Management Service (KMS) to have the body of the messages encrypted to avoid uploading messages in plaintext.

2.1.4. Right to Know

Six data centers are currently deployed for the Service, namely, Shanghai Data Center, Hong Kong Data Center, Guangzhou Data Center, Beijing Data Center, Singapore Data Center, and North America Data Center.

In order to assist a user in selecting the data center with best network conditions for the data storage purpose, the user should specify the region (Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing, Singapore, and North America) when purchasing cloud virtual machine.

The local laws and relevant laws of the People's Republic of China that a data center known to the user shall comply with.

None of user data will be provided to a third party, unless required by a government regulatory authority for regulatory or audit purposes.

In order to ensure the security of user data, Tencent Cloud will concurrently store three replica sets of the data and will make data cold back-up on a regular basis.

2.1.5. Data Audit

Tencent Cloud may, in accordance with the existing laws and regulations, and provided that the relevant procedural and formality requirements are fully compliant, disclose certain information of cloud virtual machines, including without limitation operation log of key components, operation records of operation and maintenance personnel and operation records of users, for the purposes of cooperating with supervision and administration, evidence collection and investigations of governmental or regulatory authorities or otherwise.

2.1.6. Service Availability

Tencent Cloud guarantees that the availability of the Service will be no lower than 99.95%, which means that the available time of the Service in a month for a user would be no less than 43,178.4 minutes (= 30 (days) × 24 (hours) × 60 (minutes) × 99.95%), and the Service may be unavailable for 21.6 minutes (= 43,200 minutes -- 43,178.4 minutes) in a month. The Service unavailability will be calculated on a single instance basis.

If it takes less than 5 minutes for the malfunction of the Service to recover, such period will not be counted into Service downtime. Service downtime refers to the time period starting from the occurrence of the malfunction and ending upon the recovery of the Service, including the time period for maintenance; provided, however, that only such time period lasting over 5 minutes will be counted into the Service downtime.

2.1.7. Malfunction Recovery Capacity

CMQ has failover capacity, which means that automatic failover to an alternate master server will be triggered, without any action of a user, when any malfunction of a physical server occurs, thus ensuring the continuity of the Service provided to users. In addition, Tencent Cloud's professional teams provide maintenance assistance on a 24/7 basis.

3. Accuracy of Pay-Per-Use

The purchase page and order page will expressly specify the fees for Tencent Cloud services. A user may select specific service category and purchase such service in accordance with the fee so specified. Please refer to the information published on Tencent Cloud official website for fee details. Tencent Cloud will charge service fees based on the category of service purchased by the user and the service period thereof.

4. Compensation

4.1 Scope

If a user is not able to use the cloud virtual machine in a regular way or is completely unable to access such virtual machine or the website (developer service website) is unable to access due to any malfunction attributable to Tencent Cloud, the user may require Tencent Cloud to compensate for such incident/malfunction.

4.2 Compensation Standards

Duration of malfunction = the time when the malfunction is fixed-- the time when the malfunction starts. The duration of malfunction will be calculated in minutes. Where the duration of malfunction, or an unrounded portion thereof, is less than 1 minute, it will be rounded up to 1 minute. For example, if the duration of malfunction is 1 minute and 1 second, it will be calculated as 2 minutes.

One hundred times compensation for CMQ malfunction:

Post-pay: the compensation will be made in the form of cash voucher, the amount of cash voucher = daily fee of the failed CMQ / 24 / 60 × duration of malfunction (calculated in minutes) × 100. However, the amount of such cash voucher shall not exceed the total CMQ service fees.

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