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    1. API Description

    Domain name for API request: cdn.tencentcloudapi.com.

    This API is used to search for CLS logs. Search filters can be set to today, 24 hours (one of the last 7 days), and the last 7 days.

    A maximum of 20 requests can be initiated per second for this API.

    We recommend you to use API Explorer
    Try it
    API Explorer provides a range of capabilities, including online call, signature authentication, SDK code generation, and API quick search. It enables you to view the request, response, and auto-generated examples.

    2. Input Parameters

    The following request parameter list only provides API request parameters and some common parameters. For the complete common parameter list, see Common Request Parameters.

    Parameter Name Required Type Description
    Action Yes String Common Params. The value used for this API: SearchClsLog.
    Version Yes String Common Params. The value used for this API: 2018-06-06.
    Region No String Common Params. This parameter is not required for this API.
    LogsetId Yes String ID of logset to be queried
    TopicIds Yes String List of IDs of log topics to be queried, separated by commas
    StartTime Yes Timestamp Query start time in the format of YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM:SS
    EndTime Yes Timestamp Query end time in the format of YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM:SS
    Limit Yes Integer Number of logs to be returned at a time. Maximum value: 100
    Channel No String Specifies whether to access CDN or ECDN. Valid values: cdn (default) and ecdn.
    Query No String Query statement. For more details, see [https://www.tencentcloud.com/document/product/614/16982?from_cn_redirect=1].
    Context No String This field is used when loading more results. Pass through the last context value returned to get more log content. Up to 10,000 logs can be obtained through the cursor. Please narrow down the time range as much as possible.
    Sort No String Sorting by log time. Valid values: asc (ascending), desc (descending). Default value: desc

    3. Output Parameters

    Parameter Name Type Description
    Logs ClsSearchLogs Query results
    RequestId String The unique request ID, which is returned for each request. RequestId is required for locating a problem.

    4. Example

    Example1 Searching for logs

    Input Example

    &StartTime=2019-11-18 00:00:00
    &EndTime=2019-11-18 02:00:00
    &<Common request parameters>

    Output Example

        "Response": {
            "RequestId": "242144aeff-8723-45e3-9c75-a0599ef9143a",
            "Logs": {
                "Context": "2e1414",
                "Listover": false,
                "Results": [
                        "TopicId": "57460798-8723-45e3-9c75-a0599ef9143a",
                        "TopicName": "test_topic",
                        "Timestamp": "2019-11-18 00:00:00",
                        "Content": "abcdafaf",
                        "Filename": "",
                        "Source": ""

    5. Developer Resources


    TencentCloud API 3.0 integrates SDKs that support various programming languages to make it easier for you to call APIs.

    Command Line Interface

    6. Error Code

    The following only lists the error codes related to the API business logic. For other error codes, see Common Error Codes.

    Error Code Description
    InternalError.CamSystemError Authentication system internal error.
    InternalError.CdnDbError Internal data error. Please submit a ticket for troubleshooting.
    InternalError.CdnSystemError System error. Please submit a ticket for troubleshooting.
    InternalError.ClsInternalError CLS internal error.
    InternalError.ProxyServer Internal service error. Please submit a ticket for troubleshooting.
    InvalidParameter.CdnClsDuplicateTopic A duplicate topic is found.
    InvalidParameter.CdnClsTopicNotExist The CLS topic does not exist.
    InvalidParameter.ClsIndexConflict Index conflict.
    InvalidParameter.ClsIndexRuleEmpty The index rule is empty.
    InvalidParameter.ClsInvalidContent Invalid content.
    InvalidParameter.ClsInvalidContentType Invalid Content-Type.
    InvalidParameter.ClsInvalidParam Parameter error. Please check and try again.
    InvalidParameter.ClsLogsetConflict Logset conflict.
    InvalidParameter.ClsLogsetEmpty The logset is empty.
    InvalidParameter.ClsLogsetNotEmpty The logset is not empty.
    InvalidParameter.ClsMissingAuthorization No authorization information.
    InvalidParameter.ClsMissingContent Lost content.
    InvalidParameter.ClsSyntaxError Syntax error.
    InvalidParameter.ClsTopicClosed The topic has been closed.
    InvalidParameter.ClsTopicConflict Topic conflict.
    LimitExceeded.CdnClsTooManyTopics This account has created too many topics.
    LimitExceeded.ClsLogSizeExceed The log size exceeds the limit.
    LimitExceeded.ClsLogsetExceed The number of logsets exceeds the limit.
    LimitExceeded.ClsTopicExceed The number of topics exceeds the limit.
    ResourceNotFound.CdnUserNotExists The CDN service has not been activated. Please activate it first before using this API.
    ResourceNotFound.ClsIndexNotExist The index does not exist.
    ResourceNotFound.ClsLogsetNotExist The logset does not exist.
    ResourceNotFound.ClsTopicNotExist The topic does not exist.
    UnauthorizedOperation.CdnCamUnauthorized No CAM policy is configured for the sub-account.
    UnauthorizedOperation.CdnClsNotRegistered This account is not authorized to activate CLS.
    UnauthorizedOperation.ClsInvalidAuthorization Invalid authorization.
    UnauthorizedOperation.ClsUnauthorized Authorization failed.
    UnauthorizedOperation.OperationTooOften Too many calling attempts.




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