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Customer Overview

Weimob is a leading provider of cloud-based commerce and marketing solutions as well as targeted marketing services in China. It focuses on SaaS tools and targeted marketing, covering ecommerce systems, data monitoring, and agent operations, with the aim of helping WeChat Channels accounts turn their followers into public domain customers.

From lead generation in public domain and video recommendation to live shopping and private domain operations, Weimob partners with producers, brand owners, distributors, and brick-and-mortar retailers and seamlessly connects merchants and WeChat Channels accounts through its distribution marketplace.

Weimob provides one-stop monetization solutions and services covering supply chain, follower acquisition, ecommerce, and advertising support to help account operators monetize traffic efficiently.

Business Challenges

  • Weimob has a large user base who demands a stable and smooth viewing experience. Meeting the needs of its complex business scenarios requires a combination of multiple solutions.
  • WeChat Channels and WeCom need to be connected to form a closed loop of live streaming marketing. Features such as live streaming and co-anchoring also need to be implemented for WeChat Channels.


Tencent Media Services provide a full suite of solutions tailored to diverse business scenarios. Based on Tencent Cloud's globally deployed RT-ONE™ network, Tencent Cloud Media Services can meet diverse business needs and ensure smooth and clear playback for large numbers of concurrent online users.

  • CSS is used to help deliver smooth and stable live streaming services.
  • CSS recording and VOD solutions are used to implement the video playback and editing features.
  • WeChat Channels is connected to WeCom and supports co-anchoring.
  • Tencent Cloud Instant Messaging enables scenario-based capabilities such as on-screen comment chat and coupon/product push.

Customer Benefits

Tencent Cloud Media Services enable Weimob to connect public domain and private domain traffic. Based on the upgraded SaaS infrastructure, Weimob has achieved notable growth through the linkage of "public domain traffic – live shopping – private domain retention".

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