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Customer Overview

Weimob is a leading provider of cloud-based commerce and marketing solutions as well as targeted marketing services in China. It focuses on SaaS tools and targeted marketing, covering ecommerce systems, data monitoring, and agent operations, with the aim of helping WeChat Channels accounts turn their followers into public domain customers.

From lead generation in public domain and video recommendation to live shopping and private domain operations, Weimob partners with producers, brand owners, distributors, and brick-and-mortar retailers and seamlessly connects merchants and WeChat Channels accounts through its distribution marketplace.

Weimob provides one-stop monetization solutions and services covering supply chain, follower acquisition, ecommerce, and advertising support to help account operators monetize traffic efficiently.

Business Challenges

  • Weimob has a large user base who demands a stable and smooth viewing experience. Meeting the needs of its complex business scenarios requires a combination of multiple solutions.
  • WeChat Channels and WeCom need to be connected to form a closed loop of live streaming marketing. Features such as live streaming and co-anchoring also need to be implemented for WeChat Channels.
  • Weimob focuses on digital marketing business. It provides marketing plugins that empower enterprises to achieve digital operations and develop smarter business. However, the diversity and complexity of the business present numerous challenges to databases. Weimob's core APIs require millisecond-level responses, which demands ultra-fast queries (milliseconds or even nanoseconds) from databases.
  • Broadly speaking, Weimob's database team faces four main challenges:

1. Requirements for high concurrency and low latency

2. Guarantee of stability and high availability

3. Data security

4. Ops of massive database instances

Weimob has a large number of different databases on various business lines. Managing these metadata is a prerequisite for DBAs to perform tasks effectively. Moreover, refined Ops is essential to prevent database issues and minimize failures and risks.


Tencent Media Services provide a full suite of solutions tailored to diverse business scenarios. Based on Tencent Cloud's globally deployed RT-ONE™ network, Tencent Cloud Media Services can meet diverse business needs and ensure smooth and clear playback for large numbers of concurrent online users.

  • CSS is used to help deliver smooth and stable live streaming services.
  • CSS recording and VOD solutions are used to implement the video playback and editing features.
  • WeChat Channels is connected to WeCom and supports co-anchoring.
  • Tencent Cloud Instant Messaging enables scenario-based capabilities such as on-screen comment chat and coupon/product push.

Weimob combines centralized and distributed database architectures.

  • Distributed application: Weimob uses Redis and Kafka as critical components of large-scale distributed systems. The components play key roles in real-time and streaming data architectures.
  • Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) application: Weimob utilizes cloud-native database TDSQL-C, TencentDB for MySQL, and TencentDB for PostgreSQL to store the metadata for all underlying business lines and provide capabilities for computing and accessing essential data.
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) application: Weimob uses HBase/TDSQL-H LibraDB to solve real-time and offline analytical processing problems.

Weimob is a product-level application based on the WeChat ecosystem. Many of Weimob's infrastructure services rely on Tencent Cloud products, including Anti-DDoS Advanced/Pro, CLB, VPC, CVM, COS, TencentDB, and EMR. For its database needs, Weimob primarily uses TencentDB for MySQL, TDSQL-C, and the non-relational database Redis.

Cooperation Achievements

Tencent Cloud Media Services enable Weimob to connect public domain and private domain traffic. Based on the upgraded SaaS infrastructure, Weimob has achieved notable growth through the linkage of "public domain traffic – live shopping – private domain retention".

After migrating its databases to the cloud, Weimob achieved the following results:

  • Comprehensive data security protection: Weimob entrusts underlying database Ops to TencentDB, which guarantees infrastructure security. Weimob also implements a fine-grained authorization principle in the database permission system to ensure data security. Additionally, Weimob manages all DBA operations by using tickets, including query application tickets, SQL release tickets, data migration tickets, and data archiving tickets. In conclusion, data security is ensured through permission control over personnel and resources, as well as data classification and grading.
  • Improved operational capabilities: To meet requirements for more refined Ops, Weimob has expanded the features that are closer to business scenarios based on the capabilities provided by TencentDB. To enhance database operational capabilities, Weimob scores resources, such as monitoring data, alarm data, and slow query log data. The scores serve as an essential basis for resource allocation and can be used to determine business code quality and product response quality. By offloading underlying infrastructure issues to TencentDB, Weimob can focus on its business issues.
  • Enhanced performance: Database performance to which Weimob pays the most attention is enhanced to optimize the underlying kernel and overall performance. Weimob has established a stress testing and tracking platform that measures the performance of cloud databases from different vendors based on its standards. After migrating databases to the cloud, Weimob established a real-business SQL model that can be used to derive code quality and measure API response metrics.
  • Cost advantages: TencentDB offers unmatched cost savings compared to traditional databases due to its elastic scaling feature. TencentDB supports full lifecycle management of resources, including resource application, resource creation, database management, account type management, account permission management, resource domain ownership, resource owner management, resource monitoring/backup/alarm management, resource removing list, and resource recycle bin. In the traditional IDC mode, when a database system is scaled out, the entire cost of the added resources is deducted even if the database system is scaled in later. Tencent Cloud supports pay-as-you-go billing to solve this issue.
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