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Bilibili is China's largest pop culture and entertainment community for young people, with over 100 million daily video views. Tencent Cloud provides live video broadcasting and video-on-demand (VOD) services for Bilibili.

Challenges and Objectives

1. With a large userbase at home and abroad, Bilibili must ensure smooth video playback for domestic and international users.

2. The customer requires reliable and stable services from acceleration vendors to ensure high service availability.

3. Latency and lag in live video streaming lead to poor user experience.

4. Live videos need to be recorded and stored to provide VOD services for users. This increases content utilization and improves user experience.

5. The customer wants to conveniently know the running status of the platform, obtain information, and manage rooms to ensure efficient platform operations.

Tencent Cloud Solutions

  • Tencent Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) has deployed multiple cache nodes outside the Chinese mainland, covering 70+ countries and regions. These nodes effectively support Bilibili's overseas business and enhance the user experience of international users.
  • Tencent Cloud utilizes monitoring points around the country to periodically access monitoring files and analyze the access status of each region and ISP, and then promptly switches and recovers risk nodes to improve system stability. Additionally, Tencent Cloud Dayu, an anti-DDoS solution, helps the platform defend against malicious attacks, including DDoS attacks, CC attacks, and HTTP DNS hijacking.
  • Tencent Cloud's GSLB scheduling system accurately schedules user requests to optimal access nodes based on real-time network-wide monitoring data. This minimizes access latency and video lag to provide end users with smooth higher-quality live video streams with the same bandwidth. By improving the user experience, Tencent Cloud helps Bilibili build its brand image.
  • Converting live streams into VOD content has become a rigid demand for live streaming services. Tencent Cloud provides an easy-to-use live stream recording feature. The recorded live stream files are stored in the VOD service. Customers can obtain the URL of a recorded file through callback and publish VOD content.
  • Tencent Cloud Cloud Streaming Service (CSS) provides various cloud-based APIs. Customers can call the APIs to use various live streaming features in real time, query the status of live streaming events, and obtain statistics about live streaming services.

Cooperation Achievements

Leveraging Tencent Cloud's numerous cache nodes outside the Chinese mainland, Bilibili significantly improves the experience of overseas users. Tencent Cloud's real-time cloud-based monitoring and comprehensive security protection systems enhance service availability while providing low-latency and almost zero-lag live videos for Bilibili users.

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