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Last updated: 2022-05-16 11:19:42

    Well-received in the industry, Serverless Framework allows you to deploy a complete and available serverless application framework without having to care about underlying resources. Based on Serverless Framework, Tencent Cloud Serverless Application Center (SLS) features resource orchestrating, auto scaling, and event driving and covers the full development lifecycle from coding and debugging to testing and deploying, helping you quickly build serverless applications with the aid of Tencent Cloud resources.

    Use Cases

    Serverless Framework is suitable for the following development scenarios:

    • SCF CLI-based development

      Serverless Framework allows you to develop, deploy, and debug functions on the command line. It can also be used together with other Tencent Cloud resources such as frontend services, API Gateway, and TencentDB to implement quick deployment of full-stack applications.

      Click here to quickly start deploying your first function application.

    • Quick migration of traditional application architectures

      Serverless Framework provides a set of general framework migration schemes. With the aid of various framework components such as Egg, Koa, and Express, existing applications can be quickly migrated to the SCF platform through simple alterations in just a few lines of code. In addition, Serverless Framework supports development both on the command line and in the console.

      Click here to quickly start deploying your first framework application.


    • Simplified configuration

      Serverless Framework provides a rich set of application components for building serverless applications in various forms. You can quickly create, deploy, and modify serverless resources such as SCF, API Gateway, COS, and TencentDB through simple configuration description with a few lines of code. This saves you time and effort for manually activating and managing multiple services in multiple consoles, which frees you from infrastructure management and maintenance and enables you to deliver serverless applications with ease.

    • Convenient OPS

      Serverless Framework enables you to quickly deploy pay-as-you-go serverless cloud-based services, which are automatically scalable, so you can easily handle service request surges. You don't need to manually configure computing resources in advance or build your own monitoring and alarming system from scratch, which completely eliminates traditional OPS troubles and reduces your resource costs by more than 80%.

    • One-Stop development

      Serverless Framework offers a one-stop solution spanning across initialization, coding, debugging, resource configuration, deployment, business monitoring and alarming, and troubleshooting. It enables you to quickly create, debug, and deploy serverless applications, as well as to monitor their running status after launch and troubleshoot errors with speed.

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