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Grayscale Release

Last updated: 2020-10-16 10:36:30


    During update and switch of your business version, to ensure that the business in the production environment is stable, we recommend you use grayscale release:
    This document uses a deployed Express project as an example to describe how to perform grayscale release.


    You have developed a project.


    1. Set the .env file in the production environment:
    2. Deploy the $latest version in the production environment and switch 10% traffic to it (90% traffic will be switched to the last published function version N):
      sls deploy --inputs.traffic=0.1 
    3. Monitor the $latest version and switch 100% traffic to this version after it becomes stable:
      sls deploy --inputs.traffic=1.0
    4. After all traffic is successfully switched, the stable version needs to be marked, so that you can easily and quickly roll back to this version if a problem occurs in the production environment when a new feature is published. Deploy and publish the function version N+1 and switch all traffic to it:
      sls deploy --inputs.publish --inputs.traffic=0 
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