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Components Overview

Last updated: 2020-09-15 15:16:09

    Serverless Components is a scenario-based solution that supports orchestration and organization of multiple cloud resources for different use cases such as Express framework integration and website deployment. It can greatly simplify the configuration and management of cloud resources while interconnecting Tencent Cloud products such as gateways, COS, and CAM, so that you can focus more on your business development.

    For more information, please see Serverless Components on GitHub.

    Serverless Components Advantages

    • Ease of use
      Serverless Components is built around your scenarios (e.g., websites, blogs, payment systems, and image services). It abstracts underlying infrastructure configuration and enables you to implement your business scenarios with simple configurations.
    • Reusability
      A serverless component can be easily created and deployed through a very simple serverless.yml file. Plus, its JavaScript library serverless.js supports extension and reuse with simple syntax.
    • Fast deployment
      The deployment of most serverless components is about 20 times faster than traditional configuration tools. They allow rapid deployment and remote verification which help effectively reduce the workload of local emulation and debugging.

    Serverless Framework Components Best Practices

    Supported Serverless Components

    Currently, Serverless Components supports a rich set of development frameworks and applications in various programming languages as detailed below:

    Basic components:

    Advanced components:

    Third-party components:

    In addition, you can view all Serverless Components in the GitHub repository. Be sure to switch to the v2 version when viewing the components.

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