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Last updated: 2021-12-31 17:53:07

    Software Application Ecosystem

    Serverless Framework provides a rich set of components for its software application ecosystem, which help you build various serverless applications. You can reference a component with just a few lines of description to create, deploy, or modify resources such as SCF, API Gateway, COS, and databases. This eliminates your need to manually activate services and manage configurations in different resource consoles, enabling you to completely get rid of management and OPS of infrastructure and deliver serverless applications with ease.

    OPS-Free Use

    SCF resources under a serverless application can be automatically scaled based on service traffic to sustain business surges. This means that you no longer need to manually configure computing resources or build a monitoring and alarming system from scratch, which brings you an OPS-free experience and over 80% reduction in resource costs compared to traditional services.

    One-Stop Experience

    Tencent Cloud joins hands with Serverless Framework, the most popular serverless development platform, to build a one-stop solution spanning across initialization, coding, debugging, resource configuration, deployment, business monitoring and alarming, and troubleshooting, which has already won over 35,000 stars on GitHub.

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