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Last updated: 2022-05-16 12:04:36

    Tencent Cloud SLS is deployed based on Serverless Framework. Below are FAQs:

    What is Serverless Framework?

    Serverless Framework is a popular serverless application framework service well recognized in the industry. It allows you to deploy completely available serverless application architectures without worrying about underlying resources. Its comprehensive capabilities including resource orchestration, auto scaling, and event-driven programming cover the entire application lifecycle from coding, debugging, and testing to deployment, enabling you to quickly build serverless applications by connecting to cloud-based resources. For more information, see Product Overview.

    Is Tencent Cloud SLS a paid service?

    Tencent Cloud SLS is free of charge, but the Tencent Cloud services used by it will be charged by resource usage following their respective billing rules. For more information, please see Purchase Guide.

    What is the difference between Tencent Cloud SLS and SCF?

    Serverless Cloud Function (SCF) provides a serverless execution environment, enabling companies and developers to execute code without the need to purchase and manage servers.
    Based on Serverless Framework, Tencent Cloud SLS provides a serverless application framework combining SCF, API Gateway, COS, TencentDB, and other resources that enables you to write business logic directly while skipping over configuration and management of underlying resources.

    What application frameworks does Tencent Cloud SLS support?

    Currently, Serverless Framework Component provides various applications such as RESTful API and static website deployment. It supports web frameworks in multiple programming languages such as Koa, Express, React, Vue, and SLS-related Next.js and Nuxt.js for Node.js; WSGI frameworks like Flask and Django for Python; and Laravel and ThinkPHP for PHP. More frameworks that fit actual application scenarios will be supported soon.

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