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Configuring Role for Specified Operation

Last updated: 2020-07-14 11:41:58

    In addition to the default role SLS_QcsRole, a root account can also create multiple custom roles and assign them to sub-users, so that they can have only the policies granted by the corresponding roles as needed, which can implement permission control. Its flowchart is as follows:

    Root Account Configuration Process

    You can create a sub-account, configure a role, and grant the role the corresponding policies. The following uses the deployment of an SCF function triggered by API Gateway as an example:

    Creating sub-account role

    1. Log in to the CAM Console with your root account and click Role on the left sidebar.
    2. On the role page, click Create Role and select Tencent Cloud Service as the role entity.
    3. Among the services supporting roles, select Serverless Framework (sls) and click Next.
    4. Select presets policies QcloudCOSFullAccess, QcloudAPIGWFullAccess, and QcloudSCFFullAccess and click Next.
    5. Enter a role name such as test-role1 and click Complete.
      You can click the role name to view the role page after configuration:

    Configuring role policy

    1. Click Policy on the left sidebar to enter the policy management page.
    2. On the policy management page, click Create Custom Policy and select Create by Policy Syntax.
    3. Select Blank Template as the policy template and click Next.
    4. Enter the policy name and content and click Complete.
      Bind the role policy. Here, you need to populate the resource parameter with the six-segment description of the role to be bound to the sub-account:
       "version": "2.0",
       "statement": [
               "action": [
               "resource": [
                   # Six-segment role description (such as `qcs::cam::uin/123456789:roleName/test-role1`)
               "effect": "allow"


      The role resource description can be obtained on the role information page.

    Associating sub-user with policy

    1. Click User > User List on the left sidebar to enter the user list page.
    2. Select the sub-user to be authorized and click Authorize in the "Operation" column.
    3. Select the created policy and the preset policy QcloudSLSFullAccess in the policy list and click OK to associate them with the target sub-account so as to bind the role.
    4. (Optional) If you think that QcloudSLSFullAccess contains excessive permissions, you can create a custom policy to grant a specified resource the SLS call permission with the following policy template:
       "version": "2.0",
       "statement": [
               "action": [
               "resource": [
                   # Enter the project resource name (such as `qcs::sls:ap-guangzhou::appname/*`)
               "effect": "allow"


      The project resource description must strictly follow the CAM specifications. You can also describe the resource more specifically by entering a function name or stage name.

    Sub-account Configuration Process

    Create a Serverless project locally, add a global configuration item configRole in the serverless.yaml configuration file, and enter the role name. After the backend successfully checks the permissions, the deployment will be completed.

    # serverless.yml
    component: scf # Name of the imported component, which is required. The `tencent-scf` component is used in this example
    name: scfdemo # Name of the instance created by this component, which is required
    org: test # Organization information, which is optional. The default value is the `appid` of your Tencent Cloud account
    app: scfApp # SCF application name, which is optional
    stage: dev # Information for identifying environment, which is optional. The default value is `dev`
       configRole: test-role1     # Name of specified role, which is optional
      name: scfFunctionName
      src: ./src
      runtime: Nodejs10.15 # Runtime environment of function. Valid values: Python2.7, Python3.6, Nodejs6.10, Nodejs8.9, Nodejs10.15, PHP5, PHP7, Go1, Java8.
      region: ap-guangzhou
      handler: index.main_handler
        - apigw:
            name: serverless_api
                - http
                - https
              description: The service of Serverless Framework
              environment: release
                - path: /index
                  method: GET


    • If no role is bounded, the sub-account will use SLS_QcsRole for SLS deployment by default, and the configRole parameter does not need to be set in the configuration file.
    • Once a role is bounded, please check the configRole name in the yaml file carefully. An error will be reported if the value is incorrect or empty. A sub-account can use only bounded roles but cannot use other roles.

    Granting Permission to Sub-account

    If you want to grant a permission to a sub-account, you need to provide the role name and the name of the policy to be associated together to the root account. Then, the root account can grant the permission in CAM Console > Role.

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