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Permission Configuration

Last updated: 2021-01-15 15:30:53

    This error is caused by account arrears, as it is impossible to create pay-as-you-go resources. Please check whether your account is in arrears. This error can be resolved by topping up your account to a positive balance.

    What should I do if "you are not authorized to perform operation resource has no permission" is reported?

    This error is caused by the lack of relevant permissions in the account itself or the invocation role SLS_QcsRole. Please determine the missing policy according to the error message and then assign it to the account or SLS_QcsRole in the CAM console.
    Sample error message:

     [request id:xxxxx]you are not authorized to perform operation (scf:CreateFunction) resource (qcs::scf:gz:uin/xxxxxx:function/*) has no permission

    It can be seen from the error message that the permissions of scf:CreateFunction are missing, so you need to log in to the console and assign the policy SCFFullAccess to the corresponding account or SLS_QcsRole.

    What should I do if my sub-account has no permissions?

    For more information, please see Sub-account Permission Configuration.

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