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Last updated: 2022-02-11 11:44:03

Compared with traditional open-source message queue applications, TDMQ for CMQ has the following strengths:

Item TDMQ for CMQ Traditional Open-Source MQ Application
High performance High performance and reliability can be guaranteed at the same time, and the QPS of a single TDMQ for CMQ instance can reach 5,000 High performance and reliability cannot be guaranteed at the same time
High scalability
  • The number of queues and queue storage capacity are highly scalable
  • The underlying system can be automatically scaled based on the business volume, which is imperceptible to upper-layer businesses
  • Hundreds of millions of messages can be received, sent, pushed, and retained efficiently with an unlimited capacity
  • The message service is provided in multiple regions: Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou
  • The numbers of queues and retained messages are limited
  • Devices must be purchased and deployed for each IDC, which is a time-consuming process
  • High reliability
  • TDMQ for CMQ ensures that data is replicated to different physical servers in three copies before a successful write of each message is returned to the user, and the backend data replication mechanism guarantees that data can be quickly migrated when any physical server fails, so that the three copies of user data are always available with a reliability of 99.999999%
  • The improved Raft consistency algorithm is integrated to delivery a strong data consistency
  • The business availability is guaranteed at 99.95%
  • Data is stored in single servers or a simple master/slave architecture, where data cannot be rewound once lost due to single points of failure
  • The open-source replica algorithm will cause rebalancing of global data when a server is added to or removed from the cluster, drastically bringing down the availability
  • If Kafka flushes and replicates data asynchronously, strong data consistency cannot be ensured
  • Business security
  • Multidimensional security protection and anti-DDoS services are provided
  • Each message service has an independent namespace to strictly isolate data of different customers
  • HTTP access is supported
  • Cross-region secure message service is supported
  • The security protection features are limited
  • To avoid public network threats, it is usually not possible to provide cross-region and cross-IDC services over the public network
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