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API Overview

Last updated: 2022-05-23 10:36:18

TDMQ for CMQ currently supports SDKs for Java, Python, PHP, and C++. More languages will be supported in the future. Developers are encouraged to develop SDKs for more languages based on the API descriptions.

To allow CMQ users to migrate to TDMQ for CMQ without modifying the business code, the following APIs remain the same as those on earlier versions.

API Feature Action ID Description
Sending message SendMessage Sends a message to a specified queue.
Batch sending messages BatchSendMessage Batch sends messages to a specified queue.
Consuming message ReceiveMessage Consumes a message in a queue.
Batch consuming messages BatchReceiveMessage Batch consumes messages in a queue.
Deleting message DeleteMessage Deletes a consumed message.
Batch deleting messages BatchDeleteMessage Batch deletes consumed messages.
Publishing message PublishMessage Publishes a message to a specified topic.
Batch publishing messages BatchPublishMessage Batch publishes messages to a specified topic.

Other APIs need to be developed as instructed in HTTP Control Flow SDK.

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