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Last updated: 2022-02-09 16:16:20

    Tencent Cloud Real User Monitoring (RUM) is a one-stop solution for monitoring the performance of your web apps and mini programs. RUM gives you insights into the speed and performance of your user pages, APIs, and CDNs, and makes it easier to troubleshoot Javascript and Ajax related errors. By leveraging Tencent's many years of experience in internal business operations, it can monitor the page performance and frontend quality in real time following a non-intrusive connection with just one line of code. Simply install the SDK to your page, perform a quick setup, and start monitoring the metrics that are important to your users.


    Multi-Platform support

    RUM currently supports data reporting on various platforms such as web, Hippy, mini program (WeChat and QQ), and React Native. It offers a rich set of features, including checkpoint-free firstScreenTime test, resource speed test, API speed test, allowlist, and offline log.

    Non-intrusive monitoring

    RUM eliminates your need to set breakpoints or perform any other operations in the business code when you use its SDK. In this way, the SDK can be fully decoupled from the business code. It automatically monitors frontend errors and reports the specific error information as soon as any error occurs, helping you quickly locate the problem. After you enable resource speed test, the SDK will automatically listen on the page resource loading status (such as loading time and success rate) and collect the frontend performance data without compromising the frontend performance. This further assists you in swiftly identifying underperforming parts and improving them for better user experience.

    Low costs

    RUM monitors the real user experience of web and mini program frontends at low learning costs. You can get started with it easily as long as you have basic knowledge of frontend.

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