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Billing Overview

Last updated: 2022-06-17 10:43:16

    RUM is billed by reports and provides a free tier of 500,000 reports per day per root account. After the free tier is exceeded, the system will start billing according to the following rules by default.

    Billing Rules

    Currently, only the hourly pay-as-you-go (postpaid) billing mode is supported.
    The billable item of RUM is data report, and each data entry stored in RUM is counted as a report, including the number of PVs, API counts, static resource counts, error log counts, and custom reports.

    • A free tier of 500,000 reports per day is provided for each root account.
    • Reports exceeding the free tier (500,000) will be billed.

    Product Pricing and Calculation Formula

    Daily report fees per business system:

    Billable Item Price (USD)
    Data reports (in 0000's) 0.08

    Calculation formula = number of data reports (in 0000's) * unit price per 10000 reports

    Estimated RUM Fees

    Estimated daily reports

    Calculation formula = (PVs + API counts + static resource counts + error log counts + custom reports) - 500000


    Suppose your only application has 1 million PVs, 5 million API counts, 900,000 static resource counts, 100,000 error log counts, and 200,000 custom reports per day on average, then the monthly fees are calculated as follows:
    Total reports = [(1000000 + 5000000 + 900000 + 100000 + 200000 ) - 500000 (free tier per application)] * 30 days = 201000000 reports
    Amount (in USD) = 20100 * 0.08 USD = 1608 USD

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