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Incremental Migration Precondition Check

Last updated: 2021-11-15 15:55:33

    Check Details

    If you select incremental migration as the migration type, you need to check the following conditions; otherwise, the verification will fail.

    • The major version of the source and target databases need to be below PostgreSQL 10.x.
    • wal_level in the source database must be set to logical.
    • The max_replication_slots and max_wal_senders values in the target database must be greater than the total number of databases to be migrated.
    • The max_worker_processes value in the target database must be greater than the max_logical_replication_workers value.
    • The tables to be migrated should not include unlogged tables; otherwise, they cannot be migrated.


    If the version does not meet the requirements, you need to upgrade it. You can change the values of the wal_level, max_replication_slots, max_worker_processes, and max_wal_senders as follows:

    1. Log in to the source database.

      • If the source database is self-built, you need to log in to the server where the database runs and enter the main data directory of the database, which is usually $PGDATA.
      • If the source database is in another cloud, modify the parameters as requested by the corresponding cloud vendor.
      • If you need to modify the parameters in the target database, submit a ticket for assistance.
    2. Open the postgresql.conf file and modify wal_level.
      wal_level = logical
    3. After the modification is completed, restart the database.
    4. Log in to the database and run the following command to check whether the parameters are correctly set:
      postgres=> select name,setting from pg_settings where name='wal_level';
      name    | setting 
      wal_level | logical
      (1 row)
      postgres=> select name,setting from pg_settings where name='max_replication_slots';
           name          | setting 
      max_replication_slots | 10
      (1 row)
      postgres=> select name,setting from pg_settings where name='max_wal_senders';
        name       | setting 
      max_wal_senders | 10
      (1 row)
    5. Run the verification task again.
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