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Release Notes

Last updated: 2021-12-28 16:46:47

    September 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocumentation
    Supported heterogeneous migration between Percona, MariaDB, and MySQL Heterogeneous migration between Percona, MariaDB, and MySQL is supported. 2021-09 Migration from MariaDB or Percona to MySQL
    Supported data subscription to TDSQL for MySQL DTS supports subscription to TDSQL for MySQL. 2021-09 Databases Supported by Data Subscription

    August 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocumentation
    Supported custom routing policies MySQL subscription supports customizing data fields for routing to Kafka partitions. 2021-08 Creating Data Subscription Task
    Supported data sync to TDSQL-C DTS supports data sync between TDSQL-C instances. 2021-08 -

    July 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocumentation
    Supported the default alarm policy Default configuration is supported for key event monitoring in data migration, data sync, and data subscription to promptly notify you of triggered events. 2021-07 Supported Events and Metrics
    Supported data migration retry If a data migration task is interrupted by an exception, it can be restarted after the exception is fixed. 2021-07 Retrying Task
    Supported MySQL data sync to TDSQL for PostgreSQL DTS supports data sync from MySQL to TDSQL for PostgreSQL. 2021-07 -
    Supported table mapping Tables migrated to the target database can be renamed. 2021-07 Table Mapping
    Supported migration progress details display You can view the migration progress details on the migration progress tab, such as source tables, target tables, number of estimated rows, number of completed rows, and migration status. 2021-07 Viewing Task
    Modified the view export feature
  • Before modification: when a view is exported, only the same definers as the target `user@host` can be migrated.
  • After modification: when a view is exported, DTS will check whether `user1` corresponding to `DEFINER` (`[DEFINER = user1]`) in the source database is the same as `user2` in the migration target, and if not, DTS will change the `SQL SECURITY` attribute of `user1` in the target database from `DEFINER` to `INVOKER` (`[INVOKER = user1]`), and set the `DEFINER` in the target database to `user2` of the migration target (`[DEFINER = migration target user2]`).
  • 2021-07 View Check

    May 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocumentation
    Supported data sync metric monitoring Metrics in data sync tasks can be monitored. 2021-05 Supported Events and Metrics
    Supported MySQL data sync DTS supports real-time data sync between MySQL databases. It is suitable for various business scenarios such as cloud-local active-active, multi-site active-active, multi-site active-active, and cross-border data sync, as well as real-time data warehousing, helping you build a secure, scalable, and highly available data architecture. 2021-05 Data Sync Between MySQL Databases

    April 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocumentation
    Supported cross-account migration NewDTS supports across-account instance migration. 2021-04 -
    Supported MySQL 8.0 for data migration NewDTS supports MySQL 8.0 and data migration from a lower MySQL version to 8.0. 2021-04-
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