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Last updated: 2022-09-02 15:04:24


    DTS supports multiple types of databases, such as MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, TDSQL-C, TDSQL for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, and SQL Server. It helps you migrate your databases to the cloud without interrupting your business and build a high-availability database disaster recovery architecture through real-time sync channels. Its data subscription feature meets your requirements for commercial data mining and async business decoupling.


    • Data migration
      The data migration feature refers to data replication between different data sources. DTS supports non-stop data migration to minimize the impact of database downtime on the business. It is applicable to diverse business scenarios, including data migration to Tencent Cloud, cross-TencentDB instance data migration, and data migration from third-party cloud databases to TencentDB.

    • Data sync
      The data sync feature refers to real-time data sync between two database sources. It is suitable for cloud-local active-active, multi-site active-active, and cross-border data sync as well as real-time data warehousing.

      Unlike data migration which is a one-time short-term task to migrate the entire database, data sync is a continuous task. After a task is created, the data will be continuously synced to keep consistency between the source and target databases.

    • Data subscription
      Data subscription refers to the process where DTS gets the data change information of a key business in the database, converts it into message objects, and pushes them to Kafka for the downstream businesses to subscribe to, get, and consume. DTS allows you to directly consume data through a Kafka client, so you can build data sync features between TencentDB databases and heterogeneous systems, such as cache update, real-time ETL (data warehousing technology) sync, and async business decoupling.

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