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Last updated: 2020-12-25 16:40:13


    This command is used to delete a record from a table by the specified key. If the -index parameter is not specified, all records that meet the condition will be deleted from the table.


    delete from table where key1 = 1 and key2 = "abc" [and -index = 1] [by partkey];


    Parameter Protobuf TDR Required
    table Table name Table name Yes
    key Primary key field name. All key values are required. Primary key field name. All key values are required. Yes
    value Non-primary key field name Non-primary key field name Yes, at least one field name is required.
    -index LIST table: you must specify \-index. Only the specified record will be replaced.
    GENERIC table: not supported
    LIST table: if \-index is specified, the index-th record with the same key will be returned; if \-index is not specified, all records will be returned.
    GENERIC table: not supported
    by partkey Not supported LIST table: not supported
    GENERIC table: delete records by partial keys


    For more information, please see Error Codes.


    tcaplus> delete from table_list where  uin=99 and name = "99" and key1=99 and -index=0;
    delete success
    delete time: 10263 us
    tcaplus> delete from table_generic_xiahuaxian  where _uin=99 and name = "danmi_test_1" and _key3=4 by partkey;
    delete success
    delete time: 14405 us
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