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Use Cases

Last updated: 2022-06-08 17:26:44


    Typical scenarios: Bank account opening and insurance verification

    ID card recognition can be used widely in industries such as banking and securities where customer identity must be verified for remote account opening and money transfer. It helps banks reduce labor costs and improve customer experiences.
    Commercial insurance companies and social security institutions may face the situation where the identity of the insured cannot be verified as he or she cannot be present due to illness, age, etc. FaceID provides remote face verification services to effectively prevent insurance frauds and other risks.

    Identity Registration

    Typical scenarios: Internet access in internet café and hotel check-in

    Per laws and regulations, identity registration is required in places such as internet cafés. In this case, the receptionist can call Tencent Cloud FaceID services to complete customer identity verification and registration before granting any internet access.


    Typical scenarios: SIM card registration, activation, etc. with carriers

    To protect social security and prevent wire frauds where criminals obtain your information to set up an account in your name, identity registration is required to use phone services (including landline telephones, mobile phones, wireless Internet cards, and broadband services).

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