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Last updated: 2023-12-29 11:44:50
    Benefits of CODING Continuous Integration (CODING-CI):

    Comprehensive build types

    In addition to Docker images, CODING-CI also supports the builds of JAR, APK, and other software packages. Plus, it has many preset build environment images such as Java, Python, and Node.js.

    Parallel execution of multiple build plans

    CODING-CI supports parallel builds of single projects to meet the high-level continuous integration needs of users. Its backend server cluster can schedule responsive computing resources according to user needs, ensuring that build tasks start quickly and spend less time queuing.

    Cache acceleration

    During the continuous integration and build process, the repetitive downloading of dependent files may result in a long build time. CODING-CI supports caching between different build tasks to accelerate repetitive builds by an average of 300%.

    Graphical orchestration

    In addition to manual build script editing, CODING-CI also offers high-quality graphical orchestration capabilities for greater ease of use. For each step of the build, it offers various build script templates that you can choose from, delivering an intuitive editing experience.

    Full compatibility with Jenkins

    The build scripts of CODING-CI have full syntactical compatibility with Jenkins, the most widely used continuous integration tool in the world, which means that you can seamlessly and easily migrate Jenkins builds to CODING.
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