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    Feature Overview

    This document provides an example of a Jenkinsfile for building a Docker image with a continuous integration task. After you build the Docker image, you can use a preset plugin to upload it to the CODING Artifact Repository (CODING-AR). Before using this function, ensure that you have a basic understanding of Docker artifact repositories.


    pipeline {
    agent any
    stages {
    stage('Check out') {
    steps {
    $class: 'GitSCM',
    branches: [[name: env.GIT_BUILD_REF]],
    userRemoteConfigs: [[url: env.GIT_REPO_URL, credentialsId: env.CREDENTIALS_ID]]
    stage('Build Docker image') {
    steps {
    script {
    ARTIFACT_VERSION = "1.2.0"
    // Note: When creating a project, use hyphens in the link ID instead of underscores. For example, the ID of "My Project" should be my-project.
    // Modify build/my-api to your artifact repository name and image name
    CODING_DOCKER_IMAGE_NAME = "${env.PROJECT_NAME.toLowerCase()}/build/my-api"
    // The environment variable CODING_ARTIFACTS_CREDENTIALS_ID has been built into the artifact repository in this project. No need to set again.
    docker.withRegistry("https://${env.CCI_CURRENT_TEAM}-docker.pkg.coding.net", "${env.CODING_ARTIFACTS_CREDENTIALS_ID}") {
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