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Build Snapshots

Last updated: 2023-12-29 11:44:51
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    You may use different configuration files or build parameters for each build task in Continuous Integration. CODING Continuous Integration (CODING-CI) features build snapshots to allow you to review the execution process of a build task. Build snapshots clearly show the configuration parameters of every build record.
    1. In a project, click "Continuous Integration" > "Build Plans". Select the title of a build plan to view all build records of the plan. Click a record to open it:
    2. In a build record, you can click "Build Snapshot" to view the configuration snapshots of the build record—the startup parameters, environment variables, and process configuration file.
    The startup parameters are the parameters that you entered when starting a build task. They are incorporated into the run environment of the build task as environment variables.
    After the build is completed, you can view the configured startup parameters in "Build Snapshot".
    The environment variables only include those you configured when starting the task, and exclude all environment variables generated or dynamically set in the run process.
    Select "Environment Variables" to view the environment variables set by the system and user for the build task when the task was started.
    Select the tab for the process configuration to view the configuration file (Jenkinsfile) used for the build record.
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