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Last updated: 2022-03-09 17:23:11

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    Function Overview

    Editing a Jenkinsfile (a file that describes a build process) using a command-line editor is the most basic mode of human-computer interaction. Based on its core text editing function, CODING has been designed with an innovative graphical editor that is compatible with most custom command-line operations. Enjoy an intuitive WYSIWYG editing experience as you can view while building.

    To access the function, go to "Build Plan Settings" > "Process Configuration".

    Build Process Concepts

    In essence, both graphical and text editors allow users to view and edit the core of the build process—the Jenkinsfile (a file that describes the process). Before we go into the details of editors, let's take a look at a few important concepts concerning the "file that describes the process".

    This document focuses on the syntax rules for declarative files.


    A pipeline is a customizable working model that defines an entire process for delivering software. In general, it includes build, test, and deployment phases.

    Execution Environment

    The execution environment describes the execution environment of the entire process or a certain stage of executing a pipeline. It must appear in the top grid of a descriptive file or at every stage.

    Required? Yes
    Parameter list See below
    Permitted location Must appear in the top grid of a descriptive file or at every stage


    A stage defines a series of closely related steps. Each stage, such as the "build stage", the "test stage", or the "deployment stage", undertakes an independent, clear responsibility in an entire pipeline. Generally, all actual build processes are provided in stages.

    Required? At least one
    Parameter list A required string parameter that specifies the name of a stage
    Permitted location In the stage block

    Stage List

    The stage list includes a series of stages. A stage list will include at least one stage. A pipeline must have and only have one stage list.

    Required? Yes
    Parameter list None
    Permitted location Can only appear once in the pipeline

    Step List

    The step list describes what to do at a stage and what specific commands to run. For example, a step needs the system to print a "Building" message and run the command echo 'building...'.

    Required? Yes
    Parameter list None
    Permitted location In every stage block


    "Parallel" is used to declare some stages executed in parallel to accelerate the execution speed, especially when a stage and another stage are independent of each other. Take note that you cannot set the execution environment for any stage with a parallel block.

    Sample File

    pipeline {
    agent any
    stages {
      stage('check out') {
        steps {
          sh 'ci-init'
          checkout([$class: 'GitSCM', branches: [[name: env.GIT_BUILD_REF]], 
                                      userRemoteConfigs: [[url: env.GIT_REPO_URL]]])
      stage('build') {
        steps {
          echo 'building...'
          sh 'make'
          echo 'build complete.'
      stage('Test') {
        steps {
          echo 'unit testing...'
          sh 'make check'
          junit 'reports/**/*.xml' 
          echo 'unit testing complete.'
      stage('deploy') {
        steps {
          echo 'deploying...'
          sh 'make publish'
          echo 'deployment complete'

    Switching Between Editors

    In essence, the graphical editor is preset code, allowing you to switch seamlessly to the text editor. However, you cannot switch from the text editor to the graphical editor. Code added or deleted in the text editor must pass a "rule check" before it can be converted into an editable view.

    The text editor supports a wider range of custom operations than the graphical editor. As the graphical editor is preset with numerous commonly used steps, you can use it for pattern-based and standardized work. The text editor has no limitations and only requires conformance to Jenkins syntax, lending itself to specific and special tasks.

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