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Last updated: 2023-12-29 11:44:51

    Auto building

    CODING Continuous Integration (CODING-CI) can be used to automatically build code. Based on the user-defined build environment and build script instructions, it can quickly build the source code into runnable artifacts with the aid of the high computing and networking power of the cloud and store them in build version repositories.

    Supplementary review

    CODING-CI makes complicated yet important supplementary code review easier. It can perform prep work such as automated building, automated testing, style checks, quality scanning, and security assessments before the review starts, which greatly reduces the complexity and difficulty of the review work.

    Automated testing

    DevOps requires a high degree of automation for the software delivery process, in which automated testing is particularly important. CODING-CI can participate in automated tests at project release, code review, project acceptance, and other stages to improve the efficiency of the delivery process.
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