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Last updated: 2023-12-26 10:27:05

    Reliable Support

    Tencent Cloud Mesh provides industry-leading service-oriented mesh support capabilities, and supports both fully-managed and stand-alone deployment modes, to flexibly meet the operations controllability and availability of the mesh control plane and guarantee mesh lifecycle management. It supports canary upgrades of components, and provides consistent Istio CRD forwarding management capabilities across clusters, to reduce operations and use costs.

    Performance Optimization

    Long-term in-depth optimization is made on the user state and kernel state to provide high-performance data-plane Envoy versions and support the eBPF traffic-hijacking forwarding mode, thereby reducing CPU overhead by 15% to 20% and P99 latency by 20% to 40%.

    Capability Extension

    On the basis of native Istio capabilities, data-plane operations and management capabilities of Tencent Cloud Mesh are enhanced to support management features such as sidecar status monitoring and hot upgrades, which are decoupled from service applications. High-level features of the ingress gateway are enhanced to support listening management, SSL/certificates, ingress migration, and closed-loop traffic access scenarios. Mesh telemetry data calculation and output capabilities are enhanced to flexibly enable telemetry data and output ranges of different levels of granularity based on service requirements, thereby optimizing resource utilization.

    Unified Management

    Service discovery supports dynamic K8s cluster access, addition, and deletion, VM load registration and access, and multi-cluster and heterogeneous application management. Tencent Cloud Mesh provides a unified multi-cluster service management dashboard, which enables you to easily perceive mesh resources and components and realize visualized mesh configuration management. The dashboard also supports aggregated display of mesh-level multi-cluster telemetry data and provides traffic scheduling, awareness, and analysis capabilities of distributed applications.

    Service Integration

    Tencent Cloud Mesh is seamlessly connected to IaaS services such as VPC, CCN, and CLB, to easily implement cross-cluster/VPC/region networking and traffic access. It is integrated with Tencent Cloud Observability Platform, Prometheus, Cloud Log Service, and other products to provide out-of-the-box observation capabilities.

    Perfect Ecosystem

    Tencent Cloud Mesh is fully compatible with native Istio & Envoy APIs and keeps pace with community version updates. Tencent's internal Service Mesh open-source collaborative support platform collaboratively outputs internal co-construction capabilities to contribute to customers and communities.
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