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Demo Application Deployment

Last updated: 2023-12-26 10:42:45

    Demo Application Overview

    The demo application is an ecommerce website based on the Istio sample Bookinfo. It consists of six services:
    frontend: It is the website frontend that calls the user, product, cart, and order services.
    product: It is the product service that provides product information and has two editions with and without an advertising banner at the top.
    user: It is the user login service.
    cart: It is the cart service that allows adding items to the cart and viewing the cart and reports stock alarms after calling the stock service. An order can be placed after login.
    order: It is the order checkout service that has two editions with and without freight deduction based on points. After logging in, click CHECKOUT to start the checkout process, which needs to call the stock service to query the stock. An order cannot be placed if the stock is insufficient.
    stock. It is the stock service that provides stock information for stock alarming of the cart service and stock querying of the order checkout service.

    Demo application architecture


    Demo application homepage


    Demo Application Installation

    You can go to the Tencent Cloud Mesh demo repository at GitHub to get the demo application. As Tencent Cloud Mesh's automatic sidecar injection requires labeling the Istio version, you need to select a branch on the same version as Istio or modify the master branch, specifically, the version label of the base namespace in the mesh-demo/yamls/step01-apps-zone-a.yaml path:
    apiVersion: v1
    kind: Namespace
    name: base
    istio.io/rev: 1-10-3
    - kubernetes
    For example, if your Istio version is 1.8.1, you need to change istio.io/rev: 1-10-3 to istio.io/rev: 1-8-1; otherwise, sidecar injection will fail.
    You can use the following command to quickly deploy the demo application:
    kubectl apply -f yamls/step01-apps-zone-a.yaml
    You can also go to the TKE console, select Cluster Details > Workload > Deployment, select Create Via YAML, and copy the above YAML content to quickly create demo application resources.
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