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Mesh Types and Quotas

Last updated: 2023-12-26 10:28:44

    Mesh Mode

    Managed mode

    Managed mode means that the control plane components of a mesh are managed by Tencent Cloud Mesh, and the Tencent Cloud Mesh team is responsible for ensuring the availability of the control plane of the mesh, eliminating deployment and operations costs of control plane resources for a user. The user only needs to focus on the use of the mesh. Currently, managed meshes are not separately billed, and therefore it is recommended that you choose the managed mode preferentially.
    Feature differences between a managed mesh and a stand-alone mesh
    Managed Mesh
    Stand-alone Mesh
    Operations-free control plane
    Not support
    Login to a control plane host
    Not support
    Mesh management through Istioctl
    Not support

    Stand-alone mode

    Stand-alone mode means that the control plane components of a mesh are deployed in a cluster specified by a user and are maintained by the user. In this mode, the user has greater autonomy, but also needs to assume a greater availability risk. Currently, a stand-alone mesh can be used after being added to an allowlist. If you need to use a stand-alone mesh, contact after-sales personnel or submit a ticket.

    Quota Limits

    Maximum number of meshes by default: 20
    Maximum number of clusters in a single mesh: 10
    Maximum number of regions in a single mesh: 3
    To use more resources, submit a ticket to apply for them.
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