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Failed to Access an Ingress Gateway from the Public Network

Last updated: 2023-12-26 15:28:00
    Accessing an ingress gateway from the public network fails.

    Common Cause

    Security Group Does Not Allow NodePort

    By default, an ingress gateway installed on Tencent Cloud Mesh is exposed by binding CLB to NodePort. Therefore, the traffic link is: client –> CLB –> NodePort –> ingress gateway.
    The key link is CLB –> NodePort. SNAT is not performed on a data packet forwarded by CLB. Therefore, when the packet arrives at a node, the source IP address is the public IP address of the client. If an inbound rule of a security group of the node does not allow the link client –> NodePort, the ingress gateway is inaccessible.
    Solution 1: Set a NodePort range (30000-32768) for public access in the inbound rule of the security group of the node.
    Solution 2: If you are concerned about the security risk of directly allowing all ports in the entire NodePort range, you can expose only the NodePorts used by the ingress gateway service.
    Solution 3: If only clients in a fixed IP segment are allowed to access the ingress gateway, all ports in the entire NodePort range can be opened only to this IP segment.
    Solution 4: Enable CLB-to-pod direct access for the ingress gateway. In this way, traffic does not pass through the NodePort, and no security group issue occurs. Before enabling CLB-to-pod direct access, ensure that the cluster network supports VPC-CNI. For details, see How to Enable CLB-to-Pod Direct Access.
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