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Last updated: 2023-12-26 10:27:49

    Update Publishing

    Based on north-south and east-west traffic control capabilities of Tencent Cloud Mesh, without the need for awareness of service transformation, you can easily control online and offline publishing at the service and API levels, version definition/canary release, characteristic routing, and load balancing policies, and improve the efficiency and controllability of publishing updates.

    Multi-Level Observation

    Non-intrusive acquisition of Metric, Trace, and Access log telemetry data for application communication supports construction of multi-level observation capabilities. The capabilities cover real-time monitoring of the application communication performance, full-link call and tracing and link analysis, downstream analysis of traffic access and backtracking of proxy forwarding and access behaviors, and quantification of the application communication performance and quality.

    Distributed High-Available Architecture

    Tencent Cloud Mesh improves the availability of the application communication and application architecture, uses mechanisms such as retry, timeout, connection pool management, health check, and rate limiting to control and ensure communication fault tolerance between applications. In a distributed application deployment architecture in an intra-city active-active or two-city three-center scenario, through region/fault-aware scheduling capabilities, automatic failover and controllable distributed multi-cluster traffic scheduling are realized, and three-level (that is, DNS, Ingress, and Service) disaster recovery management is flexibly realized.

    Secure Isolation

    With a service-based authentication and authorization mechanism, in a containerized dynamic IP scenario, controllable service authentication and access control management is realized. Tencent Cloud Mesh supports JWT request-based authentication, automatic mTLS for zero trust networking, and access permission restriction based on identities and traffic characteristics.
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