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Cross-Cluster Disaster Recovery

Last updated: 2023-12-26 11:35:33


    This document describes how to implement disaster recovery capabilities across regions (AZs) for all services. In this way, when a service in a region (AZ) fails, traffic to the service will be automatically switched to another region (AZ). Cross-region service disaster recovery is as shown below:


    By default, Tencent Cloud Mesh provides cross-region (AZ) service disaster recovery capabilities, as verified below.
    To begin with, set the number of Pods in the product-v2 Deployment of the primary cluster to 0 in the TKE console. This is to simulate product service failures in the AZ of the primary cluster. Adjust the number of Pods as shown below:
    After the configuration, access the demo ecommerce website through the IP address of the edge gateway of the primary cluster. Even if the product service in AZ A of the primary cluster fails, you can still access the product page and view service calls in the floating window in the bottom-left corner. The current page calls the product service in another AZ, indicating that access requests to the product service in AZ A are routed to the product service in AZ B, implementing cross-AZ disaster recovery at the service level.
    Deploy two clusters in different regions to implement cross-region disaster recovery at the service level. Cross-AZ disaster recovery of the product service is as shown below:
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