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Last updated: 2023-05-23 10:59:20
    TencentDB for Redis is a cache database provided by Tencent Cloud based on the Redis protocol that features high availability, reliability, and flexibility. Compatible with Redis 2.8, 4.0, 5.0, and 6.2 protocols and available in both standard and cluster architectures, it supports up to 8 TB of storage capacity and tens of millions of concurrent requests, meeting the needs of different scenarios such as caching, storage, and computing.

    Relevant Concepts

    TencentDB for Redis generally involves the following concepts:
    Instance: A database environment running independently in Tencent Cloud. One database instance can contain multiple user-created databases.
    VPC: A custom virtual network space that is logically isolated from other resources.
    Security group: Security access control to TencentDB for Redis instances by specifying IP, protocol, and port rules for instance access.
    Regions and AZs: Physical location of a TencentDB for Redis instance and other resources.
    Tencent Cloud console: Web-based UIs.
    Read/write separation: TencentDB for Redis supports switching read/write separation on or off. It targets at business scenarios with more reads and less writes, which can well cope with read requests concentrating on hotspot data. It supports up to 1-master 5-replica mode to offer 5x read performance scalability.

    Relevant Products

    TencentDB for Redis generally involves the following products:
    You can deploy your computing services by purchasing Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM) instances. For more information, see CVM.
    You can use Tencent Cloud Observability Platform (TCOP) to monitor the running status of your TencentDB for Redis instances. For more information, see TCOP.
    You can write code to call TencentCloud APIs to access Tencent Cloud products and services. For more information, see the TencentCloud API documentation.
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