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Last updated: 2021-01-28 10:10:19

    Diverse Features

    UGSV is a full-featured service that provides app developers with a variety of industry-leading mobile video capabilities, including video capturing, clipping, splicing, special effects, beauty filters, green screen keying, animated widgets, publishing and playback.

    VOD Integration

    UGSV integrates Tencent Cloud VOD service to provide a one-stop cloud-based solution for video uploading, storage, quick transcoding, porn detection and video distribution. It helps ensure that user videos are viewed and shared in a timely fashion.

    Content Detection

    UGSV comes built in with VOD’s porn detection. Once a video is uploaded, porn detection starts automatically and a score indicating the amount of pornographic content is quickly computed.

    AI Support

    Powered by cloud-based AI engines, UGSV enables content classification and personalized recommendation and supports intelligent tagging, intelligent video cover generation, green screen keying, face widgets and more.

    Powerful Cloud Capabilities

    UGSV leverages Tencent Cloud VOD’s cloud capabilities and quick transcoding, porn detection and video distribution services to help ensure that user videos are uploaded and stored to the cloud quickly and viewed and shared in a timely fashion.

    Seamless Integration

    Once integrated, the SDK can capture videos not only via the camera, but also from live streams. It also supports editing and splicing video, adding filters and face widgets, as well as green scree keying directly on the phone, offering your app users a diverse array of options to create and edit their content.

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